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Ride a Bike - excercise, tone your muscles, build your stamina and endurance, ease congestion, enjoy the experience! Meet friendly cyclists, avoid expensive car M.O.T, servicing, VAT, petrol, insurance, repairs and pollution, use a clean cost effective healthy and better method of transport! Don't drive to work, drive to the gym and then drive to the pub, cycle to work, cycle with/to friends, saves all that petrol money and gym fees when you can get free tranport and excercise! No more Traffic jams for you!

Meet Friendly Cyclists

No Expensive MOT

Cheaper Servicing

No Petrol Costs

No Insurance Costs

No Pollution

Less Traffic Congestion

Excercise Makes You Healthier

Tones Muscles and Builds Stamina and Endurance


Being Healthier and Fitter Makes You Happier


And to fob off your excuses, buy some gloves and waterproof clothing. Simples. If its too hard for you, you obviously need it! It's no effort after a little while - By about my 4th 20mile cycle I didn't need to stop, and I felt great! If a 16 year old can cycle 110 miles in a day and have no injuries and feel comfortable the next day, almost anyone can! Trying to use work as an excuse not to cycle, because you don't have time? Ever been for a ride along the coast on a warm summer night?


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