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Beachy Head Charity Cycle

On the 16th of April 2001, I embarked on a Charity Cycle which I had planned for weeks if not months. 100% of the money raised went to the British Heart Foundation, and estimates say I have raised around 120 so far [total sum £130]. I left my house at about 10:30, and headed off to the seafront where I turned east for many, many miles! On the way I passed through Shoreham, which has the 'House Of Skoda' as I call it... someones driveway which had SEVEN of the old 80's Skodas in it!!! Strange! (the words arse, rats, star, stare, range, gran, gas and gents can be found in strange, by the way) After passing through Brighton I collected a souvenir which was a Rottingdean golf ball - Some dummy had managed to hit it the opposite direction of the course, and there it lay, on the A259. Mine [now where did I put it?] At about 25miles I reached Seaford town centre and decided to take a photo. After that there were some incredible hills, a gradient of 1:6 which allowed me to reach over 36mph after over 2hours of non-stop cycling.and after my ears popping as I descended the many hills along the way. For what seemed a lightyear later, a very relieving signpost read 'Beachy Head' (I wasn't totally lost after all). More southerly cycling downhill passing the Beachy Head pub and through some cruel chicanes which were still fairly easy to take at 30mph there was a big [naughty word]ing cliff which I had to climb (on foot I decided). After admiring the view I took a photo of the speedo, my watch and of the surrounding area, and got someone to take a photo of me against the BeachyHead lighthouse of 125 feet.

I was then on my way back descending the 531foot cliff (down the hill, not off the edge) I entered the gift shop by the pub and bought a keyring-lighthouse, a Lionbar, a Yorkie and some Polos and set off again, stopping a mile away at an ice-cream van where I bought an icecream and a Feast - I was mildly hungry you see! Parked next to the van was .... the person who took my photo earlier! After devouring the ice-cream I embarked on the excruciating journey back which included the impossible hills which I had to walk up, and then set off along the nasty main road where motorbikes had screamed past at many times my speed which was kinda annoying seeming as they were only a foot or two away! Gits! Basically, I cycled INTO the wind for loads of miles and uphill for ages, reached Worthing, took another photo, parked in my road took a photo of my bike and of the time and speedo. Now, unfortunately the Speedo/watch photos were too close to focus (nooooo) so they didn't come out at all, but thanks to the 11 function speedo I can tell you I spent 5:59:36 hours cycling, so let's say it took 6 and a half hours in total, 2:45 there, 3:45 back (estimated). Getting there was relatively easy, getting back was hell!

-Total Distance:110.7km (68.82 miles) there and back-
-Average speed (including stoppages and walkage) 11.3mph (18.2 kmph)-
-Top Speed: 36.2mph (58.3 kmph)-
-Riding Time: 5:59:36-
-Estimated Total Time: 6:30:00-
-BeachyHead: 531 feet high / 162 metres / 89 6foot people standing on each others heads-
-Lighthouse: 125 feet / 38 metres / 21 6foot people-

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