Half-Life Maps

My House V1.4 llama_house4.zip
My House V2x llama_house4bj.zip

My House V4ck llama_house4ck+wad.zip

Suprisingly, Its a map - of my house. suits a smaller amount of players. It comes with custom textures (wad file) which goes straight into the "valve" directory


Fort Llama V1.3 fort_llama3.zip

Fort Llama V3w fort_llama3w+wad.zip

This one is a Deathmatch map, Its designed around gameplay (unlike my house) and has had many hours of creating, tweaking, LAN testing and modifying. The result is a poly-efficient, well detailed and themed map with good access, good cover and plenty of atmosphere. I'm proud of this one. There are custom textures included (to go in "Valve" folder). The theme is a military outpost which isn't too hard to tell, from the contol tower, mess hall, mini-hospital, 4 lookout towers and fencing.


Andrew4asfb - andrew4asfb+wad.zip

This is another DM map, inspired by a map I once played called Nrostret. There are 2 office/warehouse buildings either side of a river, joined by 2 bridges, swimming and underground tunnel. One office is in good condition, with secret CCTV network and working lift, the other is run down and basic. Each building has a Minigun placed on the roof, with hugely impressive firing rates like in Terminator 2. This map is really good fun, for a simple 1v1 and is also big enough to have loads of players. Includes textures.


please try them and tell me what you think


My Bedroom 1am myroom1am+wad.zip

Basically, a HUGE scaled up version of my bedroom, low gravity to compensate. Excellent use of quality photo-real textures and everything measured to scale to maximise graphical 1337ness. Its not quite finished, but I thought I'd upload it anyway. I just love the way it looks, but I've not had the opportunity to LAN test it until I finish it properly. Even little details like opening drawers, and amp that plays music (oops didn't upload that...) nevermind.


Stained Glass Workshop - work1zm+wad.zip

This one is set in a stained glass workshop, its a fairly small map but I've done a few adjustments to it to give it much more refined gameplay. For example, downstairs in the woodworkshop, the corpse on the circular saw - use it and he squirts blood and guts everywhere! Good use of lighting, breakables and interactive stuff.. Has custom textures.